Thursday, September 18, 2008


When you heard the word “Panay” you will say “ah, it has big bell…!!!!!! Or you will say “Pan-ay”……. But believe it or not Panay came from the word “Bamban” as early Spaniards charged it, and the word Panay means “mouth of the river” This was the place where Juan de La Isla built a fortress.

The first king landed in Dumangas was Jalaud, and the Augustinians who accompied the first Spanish expeditions present any harm to be done to the natives was Jaluad/ Fr. Martin De Rada is said to have been the first to preach the Gospel in 1566 by the Panay.

Panay is located on plain and fertile land irrigated by the river of same name, the climate is rather humid due to the abundant nipa fields and the low sea level. It was 7 kilometers away from Roxas City. It is bounded by the Sea of Mindoro, Pontevedra and the town captivating Capiz. Its location was so low that when the Panay River overflows, the flood waters used to reach the main altar of the church.

Legaspi set up his quarters here in 1569 “because this was a more fertile territory which could furnish him plenty of rice during an emergency.” Further more, the people welcomed him “with pleasure and served him more loyalty than the Zebuanos. “From this town, Legaspi sent to Spain “twelve flower pots of pepper, a special delicacy in those days, as a gift to the King. The Augustinians started the Christianization of the people here and they procced to Dumangas.” The Town of Panay was founded in 1572 under the advocationof Santa Monica, although according to Jorde, it was founded in 1581.

The town of Panay joins the celebration of Sinadya sa Halaran in Roxas City.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Being a student of FCC

Being a College Student of Filamer Christian College is important in my Life, because he focus my attention in my study to graduate my course, many friends that we known inside the campus and many people that I mingle with. We also follow the rules and regulations that is implemented by my school, I respect my teachers, College of Dean, and President of my school.

As a student of Filamer Christian College, I am proud of myself that my school is accredited by Tesda and Excellence of Education such knowledge and skills that we need when we are working.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Importance of Domain Name to a Website

The importance of domain name to a website is easy to locate a keywords in surfing the internet, when you are domain name to a website is easy to search the keywords you want to search.